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We will be launching the 2022 programme in mid-August

  • Seated at the dining table, the mirrored splash-back allows eye contact with someone cooking or washing dishes in the kitchen.
  • Kitchen, dining and upper living level
  • The roof-light punctuates the dining area, subtly zoning it in the open-plan space.
  • Viewed from the kitchen, the level threshold between interior and exterior promotes direct interactions between those outside and inside.
  • From the garden, one looks up through the terrace and kitchen-living-dining level, to the raised-ground-floor living space, and then the street beyond.
  • Referencing the rectilinear vocabulary of the new building forms, the kitchen is a small-scale composition of concrete and timber volumes and planes.
  • Various zones of use are defined by changes of level, and varying degrees of aural and visual opacity created by thresholds being closed, open, or glazed with sandblasted or clear glass.
  • The roof-light allows framed views of the sky, trees, and surrounding houses.

Structuralist House

William Tozer Associates

42-44 new house, EC1N 8JY

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Nearest tube: Archway
The project involved the extension and internal reconfiguration of a Victorian mid-terrace house in north London. The design of the four indoor and outdoor levels of the ground floor promotes interactions between inhabitants and visitors.


Saturday 4th September
Virtual tour, pre-recorded by Architect, available throughout the festival
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Original design
William Tozer Associates, 2020
Residence, Online