The 2018 programme is now past. We will be launching the 2019 programme mid-August.

  • ‘Pixelated’ Façade at Dusk
  • Holloway Lightbox Elevation
  • Street View
  • Writer's Studio
  • Coloured tiles
  • Glazing detail
  • Internal 1
  • Internal 2
  • Ventilation Hatch
  • Hatch closed
  • Under construction
  • Making the tiles
  • Fixing the tiles
  • Under construction 2

Holloway Lightbox

Studio Bark

170 Albert Road, Leyton, E10 6PB
Photography studio, screenwriter’s retreat and flexible family space. 1200 handmade tiles represent the digital age, creating a playful ‘pixelated’ façade. Construction took 4 weeks, assisted by students from the University of East London.


Original design
Studio Bark, 2017
Art studio