The 2018 programme is now past. We will be launching the 2019 programme mid-August.

  • Woodland views
  • View from the playground
  • Barn doors closed
  • Inset door open
  • Barn doors open
  • Windows
  • Roof line
  • Through the barn
  • Leg it!
  • Ribs of the ship
  • Glazed wall
  • From the wood - independence and freedom
  • So much to see...
  • Window detailing
  • Roof and clerestory windows
  • Windows and weather vane
  • Learning in beautiful spaces
  • Light and shadow
  • Reading niche - pass the tea...
  • Cafe culture
  • On the step
  • Through the door
  • Relaxing
  • Still relaxing
  • Our place in the sun
  • Roof line
  • Learning and lounging
  • Cafe culture meets life skills learning
  • Dabbing

Woodland Classrooms, Belvue School

Studio Weave

Rowdell Road, Northolt, Middx, UB5 6AG
Parking, Refreshments
Two cosy woodland rooms made from cedar, with expansive concave roof, a wood burning stove, large windows, skylights for natural light and ventilation and a barn with sliding doors acting as a gatehouse to a woodland area.


Original design
Studio Weave, 2017