The 2018 programme is now past. We will be launching the 2019 programme mid-August.

  • A North American Tour Group visits the RSN at Hampton Court Palace
  • Hampton Court Palace Fire in 1986
  • RSN Embroidery Stitcher conserving an Altar Frontal
  • RSN Day Class in action
  • RSN Private Lesson with Tutor and Student
  • RSN Coat of Arms hand embroidered by Studio and Apprentices in 1988
  • RSN Certificate & Diploma Class with Student and Tutor
  • RSN Degree Student: BA (Hons) Hand Embroidery for Fashion, Interiors, Textile Art
  • Men Can Do Embroidery Too!
  • View from RSN Degree Studios
  • Hampton Court Palace - Fountain Court
  • Hampton Court Palace - Chimneys
  • Stairway to the Education Apartments
  • Hampton Court Palace - East Front Gardens
  • RSN TRH Duchesses of Cornwall & Gloucester visit
  • RSN Tour Group speaking with Embroidery Studio Stitcher
  • RSN - Shop at Hampton Court Palace
  • RSN Tutor demonstrating during a Day Class
  • RSN - Studio Tour attendees listening to the Tour Presentation
  • RSN Tutor teaching a Private Lesson
  • RSN worked on the Duchess of Cambridge wedding dress
  • RSN Degree Apartments
  • RSN Future Tutor Kate Barlow Blackwork piece of Henry VIII
  • Animals in Embroidery Exhibition, Advanced Silk Shading by Diploma Student Teresa McAuliffe
  • Animals in Embroidery Exhibition Silk Shading by Future Tutor Student Amy Burt

Royal School of Needlework

Sir Christopher Wren

RSN Shop, East Front Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, KT8 9AU
Full disabled access, Bookshop, Toilets, Partial disabled access
Baroque palace built for King William III and Mary II. The original Tudor towers and chimneys were replaced by grand and elegant exteriors that dominate the buildings today.


Original design
Sir Christopher Wren, 1689
Community/cultural, Art studio, Palace, Education, Historical house