The 2018 programme is now past. We will be launching the 2019 programme mid-August.

  • Walking the wiggly wall in the grassy rainwater storage area
  • Dawn view of main rain basin
  • Dawn view of main rain basin with 'the wiggly wall'
  • View from roof onto a raingarden, rain sculpture, permeable paving and the main rain basin
  • View from roof to a raingarden with rain sculpture and the plaza area
  • Raingarden with rain sculpture
  • example of interpretation panels by the main rain basin
  • A child embarks on the 'wiggly wall' train - on a scooter!
  • View down the new pedestrian 'street' with rain basins and permeable paving
  • Children enjoying 'the wiggly wall'
  • The 'wiggly wall' is fun for all ages
  • Raingarden with rain sculpture
  • Rainwater in one of the basins after rain
  • View across the permeable paving toward the main rain basin

Bridget Joyce Square, Community Rain Park (SuDS)

Robert Bray Associates

Australia Road, W12 7PH
Full disabled access, Refreshments, Toilets, Partial disabled access
A public park with community needs at its heart that also manages rainwater to reduce flooding and pollution. 'Wiggly wall' between trees and grassy basins that store rain and 'rain sculptures' in the raingardens.


Original design
Robert Bray Associates, 2015
Infrastructure/engineering, Public realm/landscape, Garden, Recreational, Community/cultural