The 2018 programme is now past. We will be launching the 2019 programme mid-August.

  • The South Chamber, conserved in 2017.
  • The tunnel
  • St James
  • Pope's Grotto in 1845 after the demolition of his villa
  • The grotto in 1786, by Samuel Lewis
  • A plan of the grotto, drawn by Alexander Pope in January 1740.

Pope's Grotto (at Radnor House School)

Alexander Pope

Radnor House School, Pope's Villa, Cross Deep, Cross Deep, TW1 4QG
Bookshop, Refreshments, Toilets
Grotto with mineral decoration is last remaining part of Alexander Pope's villa built 1720. The villa was demolished 1808 and replaced and redeveloped many times in following years but Pope's Grotto remains.


Original design
William Kent, Alexander Pope, 1720
Community/cultural, Miscellaneous, Monument, Historical house