20th Century Society - At Risk

A selection of at risk sites in London curated by 20th Century Society

What determines how long a building stands? Pressure to maximize profits by building ever bigger and higher means that huge numbers of buildings are demolished every year, and all too often these are ones of real quality. Not only is this a loss in heritage terms, but it’s having a devastating impact on the environment. Most at risk are C20 buildings, and The C20 Society campaigns to save the best of them. As an introduction to our work, we invite you to visit some of our recent Buildings at Risk, and if you like them, join us, or sign up to support our campaigns. Every two years, the Society we publish a list of little-known gems and iconic masterpieces threatened with demolition. Sadly, there are works by some of the best and most famous C20 architects on the list. Join: https://secure.c20society.org.uk Donate: https://c20society.org.uk/action/donate Book an event: https://secure.c20society.org.uk/Default.aspx?tabid=63